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Surname: Riders are listed in alphabetical order with the surname first. Where riders appeared under an assumed name, or a surname that was spelt incorrectly the listing is with the most commonly used name.

First Name / Nickname: The first name the riders were most commonly known by is underlined and any nicknames they used during their racing career are shown in brackets.

Date and Places of Birth: Where possible this information has been collected from the riders themselves. Alternatively, the information held at the Public Records Office in London has been used to verify details. The fact that the details have been confirmed by either of the above methods are signified by a * symbol and any other information should be treated as being accurate to the best knowledge of the authors.

Date of Death: Where applicable, the date of death is shown and, again, information has generally been gleaned from the Public Records Office.

The narrative text gives a brief summary as to the rider’s career and general achievements with a few added points of interest where available.

Career Record Statistics: The difficulties in collating statistics prior to 1965 should be well known to anyone who has tried to research such matters. An honest attempt has been made to check various sources and no claim is made for complete accuracy.

There may be simple human errors which have crept in at some stage and not been picked up. There are instances where available sources give conflicting information and decisions have had to be taken as to what is the ‘truth’, so some doubts remain.

In some respects the statistics herein may differ from previously published versions. In particular the authors of course are well aware of the database developing on ‘The Speedway Researcher’ web site. A detailed comparison with the information on the web site has not been carried out. In any case, access to primary sources such as marked programmes, would be preferred before consideration would be given to amending any statistics now presented.

The statistics are listed in chronological order. To avoid confusion, where a team changed its name but continued to race at the same, or nearby venue, the name in most common usage has been applied. For example, any references to Chesterton are shown as Stoke, and Nottingham are shown as Long Eaton. We have decided not to include any entries under the Rochester team name as the club never staged a home fixture, switching their operations to Romford in 1969 after a handful of away matches. All entries for the ‘Bombers’ in 1969 are listed as Romford.

The abbreviations used for the divisions may not need explanation but they are:

SL - Southern League (tier 1) 1929-31

EDTL - English Dirt-Track League (tier 1) 1929

NrL - Northern League (tier 1) 1930-31

NL - National League (tier 1) 1932-37

PL - Provincial League (tier 2) 1936-37

NL1 - National League Division 1 (tier 1) 1938-39

NL2 - National League Division 2 (tier 2) 1938-39

NL - National League (tier 1) 1946

NrL - Northern League (tier 2) 1946

NL1 - National League Division 1 (tier 1) 1947-56

NL2 - National League Division 2 (tier 2) 1947-56

NL3 - National League Division 3 (tier 3) 1947-51

SL - Southern League (tier 3) 1952-53

SAL - Southern Area League (tier 3) 1954-57, 1959

NL - National League (tier 1) 1957-64

PL - Provincial League (tier 2) 1960-64

BL - British League (tier 1) 1965-67

BL1 - British League Division 1 (tier 1) 1968-74

BL2 - British League Division 2 (tier 2) 1968-74

BL - British League (tier 1) 1975-90

NL - National League (tier 2) 1975-90

BL1 - British League Division 1 (tier 1) 1991-94

BL2 - British League Division 2 (tier 2) 1991-94

PL - Premier League (tier 1) 1995-96

AcL - Academy League (tier 3) 1995

CL - Conference League (tier 3) 1996, 1998-2008

EL - Elite League (tier 1) 1997-2015

PL  Premier League (tier 2) 1997-2015

AmL - Amateur League (tier 3) 1997

NL - National League (tier 3) 2009-15

The statistics relate only to league matches and the main knock-out cup competitions. The latter competitions are the English Dirt-Track League Knock-Out Cup (1929) National Trophy (1931 to 1964), the Provincial League Knock-Out Cup (1960 to 1964), the British League Knock-Out Cup (from 1965 onwards), the relevant Second Division Knock-Out Cup (from 1968 onwards) and the third tier cup competitions. It is accepted that cases can be debated for the inclusion for the variety of other cup competitions that have been held since 1946. However, rightly or wrongly, it was decided to restrict the competitions covered in the hope that this will aid and simplify comparison of riders’ performances over the years.

The statistics shown, again risking unnecessary explanation, are for Matches, Rides, Points, Bonus Points, Total Points, Calculated Match Averages and Full/Paid Maximums. Although bonus points were not always used in the pre and early post-war years they have been included throughout for consistency. Also, calculated match averages did not come into use until 1965 but their calculation now for pre-1965 seasons permit useful comparisons to be made. In the early competitions where 4 points were awarded for a win, for the sake of consistency, these have been converted to 3 points for the sake of calculating match averages.

Where a team withdrew from a league during a season and the results were expunged from the ‘official’ records, the affected rider’s statistical information is shown in italics. However, such expunged match details have not been included in the opposition rider’s statistics.

Individual Honours: This information includes World Final appearances and achievements in major individual competition. When riders have tied on points, positions in World Finals have been calculated using the criteria of number of first places, number of second places and number of third places. Any identical records have been settled by their head-to-head results.

Match Race Championship honours have been restricted to competitions held on a monthly basis rather than the Silver Sash style race where riders defended the title on a match by match arrangement.

International Appearances: Sources may differ as to the details shown. We have attempted to restrict the figures given to ‘official’ international matches. Appearances for composite sides such as Australasia, Overseas and Rest of the World are not included.

Team Honours: Riders have been credited with a contribution to a league title winning side if they have ridden in six or more matches of the team’s league fixtures and with a cup winning contribution if they rode in at least one leg of the cup final.